Every effort counts

We help Cambodian women and children live in safety, where their hopes and aspirations can become realities rather than a lifetime of poverty and exclusion.

Without the help of every single donation, Khemara would struggle to reach out to the many thousands of women and children that receive our assistance every day.

Our excellent base of volunteers ensure we can provide high quality care IMG_4705
and assistance to those most in need, while providing the manpower to
make affecting the lives of more Cambodian women and children an absolute priority.

In a country where an alarming number of households still live in poverty and deprivation, every effort truly counts.


Together, we can create a better future for Cambodia’s women and children.

We want to give women a voice, and provide children with the tools to make the most of their lives. With your help, we can continue to improve the lives and future life chances of so many Cambodian families living in conditions of severe deprivation and poverty.