25 February 2017

On February 20, Khemara staff went to Tbong Khmum Province. The aim of this field trip was to monitor and follow the advancement of our Childcare Centres and Child Protection Project in this region.

Scenes from Tboung Khmum

Tbong Khmum Province remains one the poorest provinces of Cambodia. With predominantly insecure jobs such as farming, rubber cultivation and fishing, the majority of households live on less than US$2 per day. This region shows a significant lack of preschools and also primary schools. Indeed, according to Demographic Health Survey 2014, only 4.7% of the population has completed a primary school education.

In light of this, Khemara implemented 6 Childcare Centres in order to provide education, care and support to disadvantaged children in 4 deprived communes from this province. In many of these villages, Khemara is the only active NGO or organization providing early childhood education. The project directly targets directly 295 children (157 girls and 138 boys) and aims to enable them to realise their rights and to start pursuing their interests. Moreover, Khemara’s ambition through this project is to enable parents and families to recognise and play their role in taking care of their children and to build networks at all levels, thereby increasing access to care and to support children in the community. The Childcare Centres are very successful and greatly appreciated at a local community level by the children, their families and the communities at large.

During this field trip, we visited one of our Childcare Centres located in Dourng Village. We observed the various activities there and spent time with children and teachers. Indeed, we sat down with the children during the Khmer and English lessons, took pictures of them during their exercise time and outdoor observation sessions, and played with the children during the play time. We were all glad to see that children enjoy learning by playing and are always really happy to come back to their Khemara Childcare Centre the next day! In this way, we would like to thank our partner KOICA for supporting Khemara by improving these children’s lives in Cambodia.

On February 21th, we also visited our Child Welfare Project in Rokapopram Commune. This project is funded by TDH Germany in order to increase the levels of child protection and educational outcomes. In this way, we work to improve the welfare standard of children through building a protective environment for them to live in. When we arrived in the Commune, groups of children were learning about day-to-day risks. These aspects of education are essential to support the children who are at risk of child abuse, labour exploitation and have often suffered emotional, cognitive and even physical set-backs during their young lives.This time spent with children was particularly enlightening and rewarding.

We would also like to thank TDH for their continued support in improving these vulnerable children’s lives in such a significant way.

This field trip reinforced our will to strengthen our projects even further, and reinforced our commitment towards children at risk by promoting inclusive early childhood education care and development in Cambodia!

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