Snail tail: A Koh Dach family story

We are Psnail tail1hearin and Samby. We have four children and one on the way. Financially it is tough to provide for the children. We have no choice but to send our two eldest children (8 and 11 years old) to work collecting rubbish to earn money to buy food.

snail tail2

Samby fell ill a few years ago with a fever and is now
permanently disabled. This has been hard for Samby and the family to adjust to this new life.

We travel 20kms every day to collect river snails for selling. We work between 10 and 12 hours per day for less than $5US to take home once the costs have been paid. We also feel very bad that we have to leave the children unsupervised while we work to provide for the family.

When Khemara conducted the community education sessions to introduce their childcare centres to Koh Dach, we were so happy we could leave our children in a safe and educational environment. Through Khemara’s public health project the family also receive free health checks. Thank you Khemara!

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